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Terms and conditions

Submitting an entry:   ALL entries must be submitted online via the awards portal at asapawards.awardsplatform.com which opens for submissions on 5th November 2019, all submissions must be received by 5pm GMT Friday 21st  February 2020.

It is advised that you read through the entry pack, which also includes category criteria, the Ts & Cs and key info prior to putting your entry together.

The purpose of the entry is to allow you to communicate to the judges why your key people, team, company or product/service should be recognised as a winner and the judges will look for evidence of the category criteria and the robustness of the information provided.

Marks can only be awarded on what is presented via the online portal – ensure you emphasize innovation, successes and substantiate your claims with clear evidence.

Cost – The Awards programme is free to enter.

Submit Online – All entries and documentation must be submitted via the online portal (opens for entries on 1st November 2019) at asapawards.awardsplatform.com and must be received by the closing date. Late entries will not be accepted.

Entry Limits – Each company can enter as many categories as they wish but may only submit one entry into each category. Each entry must be submitted via it’s own upload and completed application form.

Criteria to enter – each award has its own criteria of entry. Please check the entry criteria to the award category prior to entering to ensure that you meet each criteria.

Word Count – entries are subject to a word limit in the entry procedure. The awards submission portal will highlight clearly where any word limits are in place and will not allow any entry over the maximum word count.

Eligibility Period – The judging eligibility period runs from 1st September 2018 to date. Any material that arises to support your entry outside this period will not be considered (apart from financial accounts where 2 years are required and must be submitted for SME and Corporate Business of the Year Awards).

Supporting Documentation and evidence – All relevant information should be included within the online application. Only supporting documentation and information provided via the online portal will be considered within the judging process. Please note there is an upload limit of 5mb and videos included as part of supporting evidence should not exceed 2 minutes in length.

Company Accounting Information – For the SME & Corporate Business of the Year Awards – two years of accounts must be submitted within the supporting documentation. For Industry Newcomer Award one year of accounts must be submitted within the supporting documentation on the portal.

Submitted Information – Any information submitted maybe subject to verification.

Submitting an entry on behalf of a client – If you are entering the awards programme on behalf of a client, the entry needs to be written and branded from the client’s perspective including the client’s logo, branding and supporting documentation.

Permissions – When the entrant is submitting work/materials which are not their own/they do not own the rights to, it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they have permission from the owner/third party to submit the entry and the owner/third party’s approval of the entry and any respective credits.

Joint Entries – It is not possible for companies to make joint entries, however a business partner company can use (with permission) a member company as a case study example if applicable for the award category criteria.

Incorrect Submissions – ASAP accepts no responsibility for incorrect or failed submissions.

Sponsors – Sponsors of the ASAP Serviced Apartment Industry Awards programme or sponsors of individual categories are not able to submit an entry into the programme. Sponsors are not involved in the judging process.

Re-categorisation – The judging panel reserve the right to re-categorise an entry if it is felt that the entry is more suited to an alternative category, however they will not routinely re-categorise incorrectly submitted entries.

Data Protection – All information submitted will be classed as sensitive and confidential data and will be processed inline with the ASAP Data and privacy policy. All judges will be required to sign an NDA and sponsoring companies will not be part of the judging panel.

Judging – All entries will be judged on the information and supporting evidence submitted via the online portal. No other factors will be taken into consideration except for the Guest Experience Award (where ISAAP QA scores and feedback will be considered) and the Online Reputation Award (where judging is based on ReviewPro & ISAAP data). All decisions by the independent judging panel are final, no negotiations will be entered into.

Feedback – Due to the large number of entries, ASAP are unable to provide feedback on individual entries.

Promotion – ASAP reserves the right to publish or display any images submitted as part of the awards process either in print, online or as part of the awards ceremony.

Disqualification – ASAP reserves the right to disqualify any entry at any point during the judging process inline with its code of conduct and terms and conditions.