Stuart Lawson

Stuart Lawson
Global Lead – Partner Relations
Crown Worldwide Group

Stuart has had a long, varied and successful career within the Relocations industry progressing from senior operational positions to functional strategic leadership. In more recent times his responsibilities include delivering a new supply chain management strategy across all business divisions within the Crown Worldwide Group. Whist staying ahead of the compliance curve, he has  created best value through competitive pricing and sustainable relationships. At the same time he has been responsible for the development of performance management tools and processes to direct service excellence.

Stuart has directed the development Crown’s network of external partners in support of an increasingly diverse portfolio of services across a broad geography, whilst also providing guidance in the selection and management of Crown office local supply chains. The issues of partner engagement and collaboration, achieving a cost/quality balance, and furthering the development of key partner relationships to offer value added products to customers feature high on Stuart’s priorities.

Twitter: @CrownWorldwide