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HInts & Tips

How to write your kick ass entry!  As featured in the entry booklet which can be downloaded from the entry info page HERE.

The awards are easy to enter, but we thought we’d give you a helping hand; we’ve gathered
feedback from “kick ass” awards writers, programme judges & marketing gurus and wanted to share these top tips for your entry.

Do….read the guidelines and Ts & Cs properly & thoroughly before you start.
Start by taking a note of what is needed, time frame, facts, figures and entry requirements!
Create your account on the online portal to see what is required from the category or categories you are entering.

Do….make sure you have a product, service or individual that’s truly award winning!
Select the most relevant category for your entry and ensure that your entry (and the reason
you are entering!) truly could be a “winner”.

Do….make sure you tailor your entry to the requirements and category criteria!
Don’t ignore questions, key information, criteria or “fudge” the answer. Show clearly how your entry exactly answers the brief, complies with the rules and make it easy for judges to mark!

Do….leave enough time to enter the awards properly!
Approach your entry as you would any other marketing communications activity – allow
plenty of time to gather your evidence and grant enough time to submit a well written award entry. Allocate more time than you think you will need!

Do….steer clear of wild claims & unsubstantiated figures & get client permission!
Judges dislike overblown hype, so provide facts, statistics and testimonials to not only prove
value and effectiveness but to back up the claims you make in your entry! If your entry mentions a client or work that you have done for a client, make sure they approve of your entry and content.

Do….take care in your answers!
One of the key attributes of any award entry is ‘care’! Care you have read the criteria,
requirements and how to enter and evidence that you’ve given your entry good thought, spent time finding & presenting the evidence in a way that shows respect to the awards themselves.

Do….make your entry stand out!
With hundreds of entries make sure yours stand out! Wow the judges with inspiring ideas,
impressive execution and superb factually quantified results – all presented engagingly!

Do….proof it, and proof it again!
Ensure your entry is written professionally and objectively and that you take time and
consideration to make sure you don’t have any typos or bad grammar – make sure the entry is clear in what you are saying and don’t assume the judges will know! Checking it over will make sure you’ve not missed (possibly award winning) facts or information!

Do….assign somebody to the job
Designate someone in your company as the awards coordinator – responsible for collating,
consulting, checking, chasing up, writing and ensuring the entries are submitted.

Do….make sure supporting evidence is relevant
Do provide relevant evidence to support the entry only which validates your claims and
enables the judges to evaluate their impact. Do not submit irrelevant content or evidence!

Some key don’ts:

Don’t….ignore the word count
Your entry should be succinct, don’t waffle. Do not exceed the word count for each section within the award entry.

Don’t….use jargon, or abbreviations
Write clearly using a language everyone can understand, explain abbreviations – don’t assume judges will understand your company / industry’s language. All great award entries are well written but easy to read and understand.

AND . . . most importantly . . .

Don’t . . .miss the submission deadline!
There is a very tight schedule from the date of closing to the first round of judging. Entries will not be accepted after the deadline and extensions will not and cannot be granted.

All entries must be submitted via the online portal at asapawards.awardsplatform.com by the submission deadline of 1700 GMT on Friday 21st February 2020  (The online portal opens for submissions on 5th November 2019)